My classes take place at the University of Wisconsin-Marshfield/Wood County campus in Marshfield, Wisconsin. You can register for them via the Continuing Education page.

Once on the page, click on Personal Enrichment, and you will be taken to the area of the brochure with my classes. Thanks for checking them out!

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  1. Kris Seefeld says:

    Hello Julie,
    I have not had the pleasure of attending one of your movie and dinner nights, but I am interested. Perhaps both the July & Aug movies are already filled, but if not, which menus would be best for someone (me) who can not have gluten & is not supposed to have eggs & dairy either. Which dinner would have the most food that I could eat?

    Thank you,
    Kris Seefeld

    • Julie Tharp says:

      Thanks for your interest. At the July dinner you could eat: Louisiana sunburst salad, jambalaya, and shrimp creole. You’d have to avoid the hush puppies and desserts though. At the August dinner, I think you could eat baba ghanuj and hummus with veggies, Fattoush Salad, and Lebanese barbecued chicken with garlic sauce. You’d have to avoid the pita bread, potato kibbeh and desserts. So it’s about even. If you decide to enroll in one, let me know so that I can be sure to keep those dishes safe for you. (Sometimes I improvise, but I’m happy to adjust if I know in advance.)
      Take care,

  2. Kris Seefeld says:

    I have just tentatively signed up for “Todays’ Special”. Now I need to consult with you as to the menu. I can not have gluten. Also, Indian food can tend to be spicey, which I would not enjoy. The menu is not listed in the course brochure. How much of it would be gluten free and how much of it would be spicey. Thank you
    Kris Seefeld

  3. Julie Tharp says:

    Thanks for contacting me. The meal is not spicy at all actually. It is French Indian fusion with the emphasis on French.

    Here is what you could eat from the menu. You decide if that will work for you:
    Corn Compote Salad (I can omit the pappadam shell)
    Shrimp Bisque
    Pork Tenderloin on Braised Greens with Curried Blueberry Sauce
    Potatoes Gratin with Saffron
    Steamed Vegetables with Ghee

    The dessert is a challenge, but I could save out some plain fruit for you if you like.

  4. Dave Harrison says:

    I wonder if you have done the movie THE CHOSEN based on Chaim Potok’s novel of the same name. It’s well done and focuses on friendships, family ties and both modern and Hassidic Judaism and the beginning of Zionism. The meal would feature Jewish foods (I admit I don’t know what “Jewish food” is but there must be some way of identifying it as unique cuisine). What do you think?

    • Julie Tharp says:

      I’ve never seen that film, but it sounds like a great choice for our class. I’ll look into it. Thanks for the tip. And, yes, there is an identifiable Jewish tradition in cuisine.

  5. Linda Cather says:

    Just saw preview for the sequel to Exotic Marigold Hotel.
    Hoping you can include this film one day as watching this outside your Classroom just seems wrong!!

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